Setting you Free

Sunsets past and all I can do is think of you
Like how people can hurt someone so sweet and true
Pieces of your heart scattered all over the floor
And now all you wanna do is run out of the door

Sunrises is trying to peak on through
Showing colorful shades of amazing hues
I’m one of many holding you back from running free
It’s only a façade, but that’s only what you see

A prisoner of the devil’s words that roll of a tongue so tight
It will grip you fast and hard, no matter how hard you fight
Empty promises, words like venom’s sweet kiss
Keepsakes and memories, love’s emptiness never miss’d
A prisoner indeed, forever to be
Locked up and never able to roam free

A prisoner of hate’s arms of suffocation
Façades of pain and denial in a tense communication
Trunks of your hurtful memories past
Mirrors of only hope of a future you wish will last
Mirage of what could be and what could have been
Thoughts of your present not previously seen

A prisoner of pain’s sticky step
Always looking down for traps accounted for and check’d
Just like quick sand it sucks you deep
Within pains massive emotional heap
Can you believe how fast it sucked you dry
Most of your happiness long gone as you said your good byes

Pushed, suffocated and forced by negativity’s grip
To be sunken forever in it’s deep hopeless pit
Can I ask you this one question, just to open my mind?
To the toughness of your grind

Do you trust and believe in the hope of me?
Someone you trust, but someone new to set you free
A mama whose promises will succeed
Far beyond your every want and need
Trust that I will forever hold you
No matter how many times you tell me I’m untrue

Do you trust and believe in the love I have?
To always know that for you it’s up for grabs
From your mama who cares, believes and sees
The beauty you hold beneath the pain that keeps you from being free
Now can you believe me, your mama?
In a small box I hold all your treasures
Just for you to hold on to forever

Baby look deep within your heart
Somewhere I will be never to part
When ever your hurt think of my hands ripping pain away
So you can breath no matter how hard the day
When ever you are suffocating think of my words to set you free
Allowing to flow positivity out to the many seas
When ever you feel like giving up and giving in
Remember those hard times, lives you touch, knowing you will win

Remember to always keep peddling cuz it’s not always a fight
It’s not always through rain, strife and plight
Life will be hard, but it is up to you to make it all right
People may not love you, but it starts with believing in yourself
Placing your pains, sorrows and denial on the trophy shelf

Remember that mama is here forever
I promise you I will leave you never
Hold my hand and never let go
Always letting my love flow

I love you baby always and forever
Leaving you never


broken puzzle pieces scattered in front of me
broken, unkept, touched and not free

it just shatters as i shake through misery and fear
as blood drips like tear drops, my smile disappears

truth and honesty fades with every struggling issue
just like before i sit here, just me and many tissues

toss me, throw me and use me, it don’t matter
as they say every problem has hope, but it just shatters

shattering of every piece of hope kept in place
this pain, stings just like a spray of mace

every sign of hope covered with inches of darkness
creating in front of me a even bigger mess

nothing is ever what it seems in this big place
advices given and taken away, sweet becomes a bitter taste

now i am sitting all alone, family just surrounding me
no one touches me as i figure out how to be free

i wonder now where did the love go
questioning is it all one big show

so as i await for a love to come by
to go through life allowing our love fly

until then i will try to peddle through this life
figuring out how to deal with every strife

Gay Love

People say no, we say yes
Knowing that love gay or straight is a test
A preparation for forever
A knowing of just love of the other

People say no, NO Gay love
That being straight stands above
I don’t believe that love restricts
Because love cannot be handpicked

People say no, family doesn’t accept
Falling into a love that holds no debt
Not with me, her or others
Just because this love doesn’t smother
No force, just love, truth and passion
So with this there will be no more lashin’

So, let me just say this
Just so that this love you don’t miss
Her eyes are a beauty no one could resist
A smile of purity, from lips of a passionate kiss

My question to you…Why do you judge us?
Causing and placing everyone into a fuss.
Just let us be a people just like you
Cause our love is just as true.



Create a world full of perfection

A truth and love connection

Our worlds connect together

Always and forever

Baby me and you

Can you create a world for me

A world worry & care free

Where I am your only princess

The only girl you will kiss?

Will you be mine?

So baby we can create a world so fine

Love ME or Leave ME

Pain only creates heartache deep in my soul.

SO with that said baby girl

Plan a future true, so pain takes no toll

Then I truly can make you my world

Can you be my forever true

Love only, and pain never exists

The one to keep me from pain and blues

The one to love and persist

A fight only me and you can endure

For a love we believe is so pure?

Pain, My Mom

It beats at my heart through and through
Thoughts of just me and you
What used to be and what is now
Truths what, when, why and how

Yesterday you once held me in your arms
To keep me safe, away from harm
A mere memory I will forever keep
Amongst the good and negative heap

Today, Tomorrow and forever
I belong to you never
Again and again blows tamper my face
You trying to keep up with my pace

Who do you think this is?
Through the fake and fizz
You were once my blood
Pains of my heart in the mud

Yes you my own blood
Throwing me down in the mud
Constantly everyday
Negativity is all you can say

Mom, when you do come back
Don’t put up a front, no act
This is me, my future, my life
Through pain and strife
I held my own
Today i stand all grown
A product of you and yet i am me
A woman born free



love the true root of why we do what we do, positive or negative. the root of why we attach ourselves to objects and people. we all fail to realize this simplicity, causing our own situations and emotions to blow out of proportion. in turn “it” causes mayhem. we say we want perfection in life, but we want the world to change not our own self. change YOU and REALIZE perfection starts with YOUR CHANGE.if i am not perfect and your not perfect, what gives us the right to judge? if we all are not perfect why in hard, complicated situations we point the finger at someone else. if you have realize what YOU have done wrong the speak your piece but if you are placing the blame on someone else when you haven’t looked at your wrongs first, THEN YOU are in the wrong, not the other person. no one likes to be blamed for misconceptions, hard-complicated times, so assess what you have done first before confronting and fixing.

Love Me True

Love won’t fail you

As long as you remain true

Through the ups and the downs

Just promise the fight wont place a frown

I will forever be yours

From city stays to country tours

In my heart you won’t die

Promise me you will always try

Love me forever and forget me not

Cuz this love isn’t store bought