love the true root of why we do what we do, positive or negative. the root of why we attach ourselves to objects and people. we all fail to realize this simplicity, causing our own situations and emotions to blow out of proportion. in turn “it” causes mayhem. we say we want perfection in life, but we want the world to change not our own self. change YOU and REALIZE perfection starts with YOUR CHANGE.if i am not perfect and your not perfect, what gives us the right to judge? if we all are not perfect why in hard, complicated situations we point the finger at someone else. if you have realize what YOU have done wrong the speak your piece but if you are placing the blame on someone else when you haven’t looked at your wrongs first, THEN YOU are in the wrong, not the other person. no one likes to be blamed for misconceptions, hard-complicated times, so assess what you have done first before confronting and fixing.

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