broken puzzle pieces scattered in front of me
broken, unkept, touched and not free

it just shatters as i shake through misery and fear
as blood drips like tear drops, my smile disappears

truth and honesty fades with every struggling issue
just like before i sit here, just me and many tissues

toss me, throw me and use me, it don’t matter
as they say every problem has hope, but it just shatters

shattering of every piece of hope kept in place
this pain, stings just like a spray of mace

every sign of hope covered with inches of darkness
creating in front of me a even bigger mess

nothing is ever what it seems in this big place
advices given and taken away, sweet becomes a bitter taste

now i am sitting all alone, family just surrounding me
no one touches me as i figure out how to be free

i wonder now where did the love go
questioning is it all one big show

so as i await for a love to come by
to go through life allowing our love fly

until then i will try to peddle through this life
figuring out how to deal with every strife

  1. visual and beautiful imagery…
    apt piece.

    keep it up.

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