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Gay Love

People say no, we say yes
Knowing that love gay or straight is a test
A preparation for forever
A knowing of just love of the other

People say no, NO Gay love
That being straight stands above
I don’t believe that love restricts
Because love cannot be handpicked

People say no, family doesn’t accept
Falling into a love that holds no debt
Not with me, her or others
Just because this love doesn’t smother
No force, just love, truth and passion
So with this there will be no more lashin’

So, let me just say this
Just so that this love you don’t miss
Her eyes are a beauty no one could resist
A smile of purity, from lips of a passionate kiss

My question to you…Why do you judge us?
Causing and placing everyone into a fuss.
Just let us be a people just like you
Cause our love is just as true.